Slate Memorials - Slate Memorial Plaques


Slate plaques cut to any size  - 12mm, 20mm, 30mm, 50mm thick.  

Slate Memorial Plaques  - Cut to any size

Slate is the traditional material used for memorials. It is long lasting and has a timeless quality. These are usually cut in 30mm or 50mm thick slate but we can cut them in 12mm or 20mm as required. Edges are usually lightly beveled, but a full 45 degree be val is also available.

Large slate sign with beveled edges at 45 degrees


The Memorial Plaque is often left unpainted but we can paint the letters in white, ivory, gold, silver or black. The minimum size for painted letters is 25mm and for unpainted letters it is 15mm.


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  Husband and wife slate memorial.


Made to order slate sign wit raised letters
This memorial plaque is raised and unpainted.  Font - Times Roman.   Border - 07



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Some of the more popular plaque sizes are listed below.   Just email or call us other sizes. These include 25 letters - extra letters 55p


Size 12mm 20mm 30mm 50mm
150mm x 225mm  6" x 9" £92.55 - F £98 - H    
225mm x 225mm 9" x 9" £91.10 - G £104 - H    
225mm x 300mm 9" x 12" £99.50 - H £116 - H £129 - I £135 - K
300mm x 300mm  12" x 12" £113 - H £125 - I £139 - I £148 - L
300mm x 450mm  12" x 18" £137 - H £144 - I £165 - J £187 - M
450mm x 450mm  18" x 18"     £237 - K £172 - N


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Memorial Plaques


We are also able to make granite memorial stones.





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