Granite House Name Plates - Beautiful signs for your home


Marble and granite home signs and name plates                                    

Granite and Marble Name Plates - Long lasting home signs  - 12mm thick
These marbles and granite home name plates are beautiful and long lasting. The granite, marble and quartzite is all polished apart from the white carerra marble which is honed smooth but not polished.

Blue Pearl Granite
The font used on this Blue Pearl graniite name plate is OZ Handicraft BT


Granite Name Plates
Fonts - English & Engravers MT
home name plate in artic grey granite


Prices for granite &  marble home signs - How to order your home name plate


Most Popular Sizes Price Lines of Text Shipping Cost
75mm x 295mm   3" x 12" approx £28.50 1 D
100mm x 295mm   4" x 12"approx £32.50 1 E
100mm x 375mm    4" x 15"approx £36.50 1 F
145mm x 295mm    6" x 12"approx £39.90 1 or 2 G
145mm x 375mm    6" x 15"approx £45.40 1 or 2 G
145mm x 450mm    6" x 18"approx £49.75 1 or 2 H
195mm x 295mm   8" x 12"approx £46.30 1, 2 or 3 H
195mm x 375mm   8" x 15"approx £53.60 1, 2 or 3 H
195mm x 450mm   8" x 18"approx £59.65 1, 2 or 3 H
195mm x 595mm   8" x 24"approx £65.15 1, 2 or 3 I


The prices shown above include the first 6 letters. The cost after the first 6 letters is £1.10 per letter.

We have 15 different stones  - shown below - for home signs. As well as granite and marble there is quartzite which is tough, scratch resistant and sparkles in the sunlight. The blue is very popular.


Colour - Ash Grey
Font: OZ Handicraft
Colour - Absolute Black
Font: Nadall Lower Case


Types of Granite


Lettering is usually painted Silver, Gold, White, Black or Ivory  - other colours are purple, crimson, blue - light, dark and pearlescent, green - lime, dark and pearlescent.  We can also blast away the background leaving the lettering raised and unpainted.


Lots of fonts (styles of lettering) to choose from - click here


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Holes can be drilled if required @ £1.10 per hole  We also have various adhesives available or you may prefer to purchase your own from a builders merchant. There are many available these days.


Large Granite Signs  - 20mm thick

The thicker granite is normally used for larger properties wanting a large granite sign. We can cut the granite to any size. The 20mm granite comes to us in slabs 310mm by 1500mm - we cut it to the size you require. The edges can be clean cut, honed smooth or polished.The colours available are shown below but please note there is an additional 20% cost on blue pearl or black pearl. We also have 30mm thick granite available for even larger signs - email for a quote.


Granite colours for 20 mm and 30mm thick signs


Length 300mm 450mm 600mm 750m 900mm 1200mm 1500mm
Height can be any size up to 310mm £127.00 £147.00 £186.00 £236.00 £262.00 £307.00 £390.00
Shipping H J J K L N N



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