Slate Signs and Name Plates with Raised Letters


Quality granite and slate signs designed for you.            

Raised and Unpainted Slate Signs and Name Plates

The signs shown below are a selection of signs we have made leaving the letters raised and sand blasting the backgrounds away. We can make them to any size as long as the lettering is at least 25mm or 1 inch high. Just order in the same way as you were ordering a slate sign with painted letters - except instead of letter colour ask for raised and unpainted. There is no extra cost for leaving a raised border around the edge. We can include images as long as there are no fine lines.


Font  - Bitstream Argus BT BoldĀ   Raised Border
Font -  Bookman Old Style    Raised Border


Font - Gabriloa
Font  Times Roman


  kFont - Times Roman k
Font - Gill Sans (wide spacing)


Font  - Times Roman
kFont  - Comic Sans


  Raised slate house number
Font  - Times Roman
Raised slate house sign
Font  - Goudy Old Style
NB as the surface is blasted away all the interesting markings in the natural slate do become more visible.


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